Cutler Boo Birds are Out Following Bears First Loss

First time posting following a Bears game, we’ll see if the comments stay with a single story or if they need to be pulled together.  I’ll update this as I go along with new comments.

Sunday 8:06 CT

The main story by Dan Wiederer has 45 comments across 24 posts by 26 total people.  Steve Rosenbloom’s blog got another 7 so far,  by  5 new names for 30 total.  Included are 2 Lions fans gloating and 2 incoherent comments, which is a lower percentage than normal.

One thing everyone agrees on is that this is a tough loss and that Jay Cutler did not play well.  The divisiveness this week is whether this is just one loss on the road to a tough division opponent in a near must-win game for them, or is this is a sign that these Bears, Marc Trestman and Jay Cutler have all been highly overrated, will now plummet towards a .500 record and the Bears need a new QB to build around.

A little over half the people chiming in, 15 out of 29 weighing in on this primary topic, are writing that it’s totally hopeless for this team, with 9 those 15 – or nearly 1/3rd of the total, are saying the Bears need to give up on Cutler.  The rest are questioning if the Bears will win another game, another says they’d be lucky to go 9-7.

Only 6 fans out of the 30 or 1 out of 5 is defending the loss and/or Cutler, saying it’s a team loss but they will respond, etc.  Considering how numerous and harsh the first group is, it’s understandable.

The remaining 8 fans are just disgusted and disappointed with the whole team, or Cutler,  or the defense, but not proclaiming this to be the end of time.  As a Bears fan, this rings true with me.  It was a disappointing game in a lot of ways, not least of all, Cutler’s performance.  But what are we going to do, give up on him after today?  Give up on the Bears season in front of us?  They're 3-1.  We’ll see how they respond.  There’s still a long way to go.  It was a tough loss and you hoped Jay Cutler  was done with games like today.  At the same time, if he doesn't have any more like it this season, we can probably live with that.

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