Time for Brian Urlacher to go

Bears fans are ready to part with Brian Urlacher. Rumors are that Urlacher is talking with the Vikings. My guess is that the Vikings are trying to re-play the Bears for driving up the price on Phil Loadholt. My guess is also that it won’t work here because I seriously doubt the Vikings are about to make a hard offer Urlacher that drives up his price, if they even make an offer at all. But if they do, and Urlacher takes it, Bears fans won’t cry.

A Tribune story by Mike Mulligan was responded to with 83 comments by 58 people over 35 posts. 83 comments for a non-season Bears story is actually pretty heavy traffic.  Here's where the opinions on Urlacher fell:

  • 10 “love him” – sign him, don’t blame him for not caring about fans, he can leave to make more money, 2 saying sign him at the right price (not exactly love but compared to the alternative it is)
  • 18 “leave him” – he stinks, he’s done, if the Vikes want overpay they can have him, it would be a bad move on his part to leave
  • 33 whatevers – fans of the Vikings, Cowboys and Cardinals, grammar police, arguments about Ray Lewis, Cutler has to go, etc.

I think Ryan Anthony’s not-too-extreme view speaks well for the “leave him” group and got 6 "Likes":

Ryan Anthony Dreyer • Follow • Recording Artist/Producer/Song Writer at Dabbs • 806 subscribers
Lol let e Vikings waste eir money on an aging LB who lost two steps. I love urlacher but let's be realistic, roach played great when he filled in. No way is urlacher worth that at this point
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Though the most “Liked” post was Jen N Jimmy’s with 10:

Jen N Jimmy • Oak Forest High School
"Two things I don't care about is the fans and the media, I don't care what they think" ( Brian Urlacher) A great middle Linebacker and used to be one of my favorite players to watch but that comment will always sit in my head. It don't take away from your great playing but says a little about you.
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Meanwhile Stuart’s post was one of only 3 that explicitly said the Bears should sign him, note that it didn't get ANY likes:

Stuart Cutler • Top Commenter • Winnetka, Illinois
Sign him. You can replace Roach, you can't replace Urlacher. A one year deal with an option is the answer. He played pretty damn well coming off the knee injury at the end of '11, and the defense as a whole was damn well as good as '06, maybe better with him at the controls. The alternative is a new guy, disgruntled Briggs and Peanut, hopeless beginning of a long rebuild.

This is what you get when you fire the coaching staff a year too early. 6-10 come on down...
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Yesterday when I posted, “Derrick Rose is a Sissy” I was taking an intentionally skewed version of the commenters' preferences. Although the Bulls fans with such sentiments appeared to be in the majority on the fake-tough-guy comments section, the majority of “Likes” went to Rose’s defenders.  I don't think a majority of Bulls fans think Derrick Rose is a sissy even if that's how many commented on that story.

This is one case where I think the comments reflect fan sentiment.  A majority of Bears fans really are ready to be done with Brian Urlacher.  The ones saying so aren't just in the majority but are getting “Likes” too.  Bears fans are excited to see GM Phil Emery go out and purchase some offensive upgrades.  The usual bird-like calls of “cheap cheap cheap!” are silent and even fans understand that in the salary cap age, there is only so much money to go around.  They have made their decision.  Hello Jerrod Bushrod and Martellus Bennett, good bye Brian Urlacher, and thanks for the memories.

I've said it before that I'd like to see him back and I still would, but his end is near and it just happens to be now, I'd be ok with it.  I certainly don't want to see them paying more than $3MM to keep him, losing another good player in the process.

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