Bears Should Cut Players Who Don't Have Replacements Just to Cut Them

The Bears basically released nickelback DJ Moore and the fans responded with anger that other players weren't cut:

Cassie Yun ·  Top Commenter · University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
hate sounding like a broken record but....please for the love of bears, GET RID OF KELLAN NO HANDS DAVIS!


Andrew J Grigg ·  Top Commenter · Bolingbrook, Illinois
I thought he was good depth, maybe a bit too pricey and a bit talkative, but there were players more deserving of being let go. I'm talking about you, Kellen Davis.


Paul Jasinevicius ·  Top Commenter
Dump everyone who didn't play up to what they were paid to do...including Hester, Davis, Okoye, Urlacher... let the rebuilding process begin...


To be fair, 2 folks commented that they liked the move.
To the others listed above, there's a concept that appears rather difficult to grasp.  To improve the team you have to replace players with better players.  Not to defend the guy, but cutting Kellen Davis doesn't help the team.  He's still their best pass-catching Tight End unless 2nd-year-guy Evan Rodriguez -- who played fullback last year -- is ready to start.  He's not.
I'd love to cut J'Marcus "J-Weed Nation" Webb too but who do you replace him with?  Left tackles are hard to find.  In fact, Pro Football Outsiders ranked him about average among NFL tackles.  Webb was horrible 2 years ago and became Bears fans second favorite punching bag (ownership remains #1).  He was decent last year but because he had a horrible game against the Packers, Bears fans are convince he's still horrible, as opposed to inconsistent but decent.  If you can get a better player in draft or trade or free agency, great.  Even then, it's too early to give up on a 24-year-old decent player who's still on a cap-friendly deal.  Even if they pick up a superior left tackle, Webb could provide value on the right side.   Cutting him weakens the team as opposed to strengthening it, no matter how much you think he stinks based on 1 game last year and his overall performance 2 years ago.
But I do always enjoy how all moves the Bears do and don't make come down to McCaskey bean counting, even when it means cutting your backup nickelback.

James Griffin · Northern Illinois University
OK so dump a quality DB and keep that screen door of a lineman Webb...sure, makes perfect sense, if you're a Mcdoofsky bean counter (No offense...Ted).


This one is my favorite though:
Bruce Baker
DJ Moore has been a big playmaker for the Bears....he is now paying the price for his off fields comments...."he could be my babies daddy"....I hope Halas Hall peeps realize you can't be a badass football player and wear a halo too....
What I really enjoy are the conspiracy theories, the faux sophistication and "behind-the-scenes" point of view from fans who have never been behind the scenes.  Moore didn't endear himself to the Bears with off-the-field comments like the above and about Jay Cutler, but Lance Briggs has been known to say and do much worse.  The difference is:  1) Lance Briggs is a highly productive player and 2) The Bears never had a replacement for Lance Briggs.
There's nothing off-the-field going on here.  DJ Moore simply wasn't very productive last year and more importantly, is being replaced by a better player in Kelvin Hayden.  If the Bears don't have Hayden on their roster, there's a much better chance that Moore returns.  If Moore can adequately backup one of the other corner spots, there's a much better chance he returns.  As is, he doesn't have enough value to the team to warrant negotiating a new contract.  He had a couple of decent years and I wish him luck.
Webb, I'd try to work with.  As for Davis, once they get a legit starting TE, I'll pack his bags for him.


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  • Over from my normal residence on the DBB.

    good post. I watched hayden closely when he replaced timmyJ the last 3-5 games last year and he was abjectly turrible. He was without a doubt the weakest link in the d backfield, and was always the one to get burned for a td of big 1st.

    I obviously wasn't at practice, but from what I saw of DJ the year before, looks to me like he was the better player than hayden.

    I hope they were right and this wasn't just another parting gift from the lovie JA era. Good fucking riddance btw.

  • Bill George, Larry Morris and Joe Fortunato

    Dick Butkus and Doug Buffone

    Wilbur Marshall

    Mike Singletary

    Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs

    What will we do in 2013? We need a hero!

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