Top NFL Coaches are Avoiding Chicago

Aaron Cooper ·  Top Commenter

I have been saying it for YEARS !! No one wants to come to Chicago to coach with the current owners of ALL the teams !

Aaron Cooper ·  Top Commenter

Cutler being here did not matter, Emery got who he could.. No top coaches wanted to come here anyway...

I’m chiming in a little late with this one but better than never, I suppose.

Lots of hemming and hawing over the Bears’ recent hire of Marc Trestman as head coach for a variety of reasons.  The frustrated Aaron Cooper was part of a small but very vocal group of commenters that said this was because “top coaches don’t want to come here,” plus the usual cries of McCaskey cheapness.

I’d like to address this one right here and now, since that’s the purpose of this blog:

Who are the “top coaches,” anyways?  It’s a popular commenting trick to use phrases like “all” to make it seem like there’s a lot more of something than there really is.  In this case, I assume “top coaches” refers to Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden, maybe even Mike Holmgren.  It doesn’t mean Bruce Arians because by all accounts, he was their man if the Bears wanted him.  If I’m missing any other “top coaches,” please let me know.  So let’s discuss these 3 coaches:

1.  Cowher, Gruden and Holmgren did not turn down the Bears.

2.  Cowher, Gruden and Holmgren did not fill any of this year’s 8 coaching vacancies.

3.  In fact, I haven’t heard that any of these 3 even interviewed for a coaching vacancy or were even contacted.

So how is this a “top coaches won’t come to Chicago” problem?  And are these guys really “top coaches” anyways?

I always wanted the Bears to get Bill Cowher if he ever left Pittsburgh.  But he left 5 years ago and has shown no interest in returning to the game, saying he might some day but not now.  It also took him 14 years to win a Superbowl, something few Bears fans would have the patience for.

Jon Gruden is younger but has also been away from coaching for 4 years.  He won a Superbowl in Tampa with Tony Dungy’s players, then basically drove the franchise into the ground, resulting in his firing.  He’s an offensive mind for sure, but if he can build and sustain a winning program, he has yet to prove it.

Mike Holmgren’s name barely came up, maybe because he’s 64 and hasn’t been a coach in 4 years.  He’s had success in 2 stops, so of the 3, this is the guy I’d have been most interested in, but I would say he’s also the least likely of the 3 to return to coaching due to his age.

I really didn’t want to see the Bears try to sweet-talk some guy out of retirement, especially when you consider that no coach has won a Superbowl with 2 different franchises.  I prefer getting someone who’s hungry to prove himself as a top NFL head coach.  For that reason, I honestly prefer Marc Trestman, Bruce Arians or Darrell Bevell (the 3 finalists) to any of those 3 “top coaches”.

This year there were 8 vacancies , with 7 of them going to first-time head coaches and Kansas City hiring Andy Reid (no thanks).  Since you have 7 guys with no NFL head coaching experience, and an 8th that has yet to win the big one, there isn’t a sure thing in the bunch.  All are a roll of the dice.  Trestman is definitely the most out-of-the-box hire but I don’t see that meaning he is any more or less likely to succeed.

I really don’t ever remember seeing a top NFL coach, in his prime, leave one team for another.  The lone exception was when the Bucs trading for Jon Gruden, who no longer wanted to work for Al Davis.  Otherwise, every head coaching hire is a roll of the dice, either a first-time head coach or a retread.  Bears fans like to point to the Patriots as “committed to win,” and they are, but even their brilliant head coach was a retread who failed in Cleveland.

The main point though is that there’s no sense in complaining about the Bears not hiring coaches that are not actively coaching, signing, or even interviewing anywhere else, and there’s even less sense in saying it’s because “Top coaches won’t come here” when they didn’t go anywhere.

Although I’ll address another part of Aaron Cooper’s comment regarding the owners some other time, I’ll just quickly add:  There isn’t a city in America that likes all of its owners.  It’s not just a Chicago thing.  Owners are not a well-liked group.

Good luck, Marc Trestman.


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  • The fact that no coach has ever won a Super Bowl two different places is often forgotten when the cries of "proven winner!" start. Good point.

  • I like the trestman hire. Emery obviously has a plan and is sticking to it; I was blown away by his thoroughness during the press conference after they fired that dimwit Lovie. I trust Emery at this point and feel he will build a winner here in chicago

  • In reply to Dr Gonzo26:

    Thanks Gonzo. I'm glad you like the Trestman hire, but to me, it's a crap shoot just like this year's other 7 coaching hires. Hopefully Emery's attention to detail means he got the right guy.

  • I don't have much to say on this one. I agree, hiring a HC is a gamble, whether its a new guy or one with previous HC experience. I also like the Trestman hire thus far. By all accounts, he knows offense and hired someone with the knowledge and hopefully skills to keep the defense at/near top of the league. From a statistical perspective, Trestman's offense has a lot more room to go up than down!!! (28th in total ypg!!!!) ;)

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