Angry About School Shootings? Join the Race Against Gun Violence

Angry About School Shootings? Join the Race Against Gun Violence

After the Parkland, Florida massacre on St. Valentine’s Day, we saw a true sea change in America regarding the issue of gun violence. Our nation became very activated, and the message conveyed was loud and clear- we as citizens WANT REAL COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS NOW!

Unfortunately, Congress in Washington D.C. did not listen to act, and between the Parkland massacre and the Santa Fe, Texas school shooting last week, the federal government still didn’t move on what is truly the biggest public health crisis facing our country. It’s clear that the only way real policy change regarding gun violence comes is at the polls, and that’s still six months away.

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Until then, you (if you’re reading this, then you’re likely on the right side of history with this issue, or at least thinking about getting there) need to STAY ACTIVE! You know that the other side- the wing nuts, Ted Nugent, Dana Loesch and other assorted NRA sociopaths will BE ACTIVE on Election Day, and on every other day between now and then.

They may be a single issue special interest group, and that zeal may seem difficult to match, but our side has greater numbers. Now it’s time to show that. The people who misread the second amendment and believe it says any gun, anywhere, any time, for anybody (despite the fact that the text of 2A actually explicitly says "WELL REGULATED") can be and will be defeated.

However, between today and six months from now, you need to get/stay involved! The next major opportunity to national #WearOrange Day, on June 2nd. We’ll have much much more on this event next, but in the meantime be sure to check out this link for more.

#WearOrange actually started right here in Chicago, fun fact.

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Then, Thursday June 7th (6:30 P.M. Grant Park Upper Hutchinson Field) is Strides for Peace/The Race Against Gun Violence, which offers something for everybody, whether you’re a hard core runner, dilettante runner, walker, or someone who is coming for the entertainment and cause, and not even running at all.

Event Details
8K & 5K Run* | 2-Mile Walk | Tots for Peace Sprint
*USATF Certified Courses
Program starts 6:30 PM
 Upper Hutchinson Field, Grant Park, Chicago

SIGN UP at this link

Members of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and Takesha Kizart, soprano, and Sarah Ponder, mezzo-soprano will perform a song composed as part of the CSO's Negaunee Music Institute's  collaboration with St. Sabina parent survivor group, Purpose Over Pain.

Chicago Bears mascot Staley the Bear will be onsite to cheer on the kids in the Tots for Peace Sprint! Every kid who crosses the finish line receives a medal.

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DJ OCD and Share the Positivity Hip Hop Artist Marcus Alexander will get perform at the after-race party featuring Lagunitas & Honest Tea.

Click here to sign up today and make sure and join Team Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence.  Can't make the event put still want to contribute to team ICHV?  Click here to donate.

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