For Sean Hannity, the Beginning of the End

For Sean Hannity, the Beginning of the End

One of the greatest Sean Hannity jokes ever, credited to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, took on a whole new level of meaning last night. Hannity is infamous for the flow charts and graphs he often utilizes on his program to convey his crackpot “Deep State” theories. Oliver described this practice as resembling “an ex-football player trying to sell you time shares.”

It appears the writing staff of Last Week Tonight nailed it a few months ago, because Sean Hannity is literally a real estate swindler. Take it away The Guardian:

sean hannity the deep state

Hannity’s chosen investment strategy is confirmed by thousands of pages of public records reviewed by the Guardian, which detail a real estate portfolio of remarkable scale that has not previously been reported.
The records link Hannity to a group of shell companies that spent at least $90m on more than 870 homes in seven states over the past decade. The properties range from luxurious mansions to rentals for low-income families. Hannity is the hidden owner behind some of the shell companies and his attorney did not dispute that he owns all of them.

Dozens of the properties were bought at a discount in 2013, after banks foreclosed on their previous owners for defaulting on mortgages. Before and after then, Hannity sharply criticised Barack Obama for the US foreclosure rate. In January 2016, Hannity said there were “millions more Americans suffering under this president” partly because of foreclosures.

Hannity, 56, also amassed part of his property collection with support from the US Department for Housing and Urban Development (Hud), a fact he did not disclose when praising Ben Carson, the Hud secretary, on his television show last year.

Oh and check out his Twitter banner photo below- he’s literally cocking back his arm to pass a football. Can’t make this stuff up. Also, kudos on the narcissist double play: having a banner photo of yourself in addition to the profile pic.

sean hannity

There’s a lot to unpack here, as the hypocrisy levels are all way off the charts. Hannity once ripped Obama for putting dijon mustard on a sandwich and claimed that made POTUS 44 an elitist. This coming from a guy who makes $36 million a year and owns 870 houses that he paid $90,000,000 for. And while Hannity ripped and blamed Obama for people losing their homes, he LITERALLY was an economic vulture circling over and then scavenging upon those he purported to have sympathy for.

We’ve seen Sean Hannity evolve his definition of himself from journalist to more entertainer than journalist to an entertainer, not a journalist at all. The next evolution is to white collar criminal, on par with the Keating Five, Bernie Madoff and Kenneth Lay. It’s not about comprising journalist ethics anymore- that’s the least of his worries, as anyone with an IQ above that of a gnat knows he’s pure state controlled television.

Last week’s revelation that Sean Hannity and Donald Trump share the same attorney, Michael Cohen, only verified that the two men are inextricably linked. Now we know why Sean Hannity tried to hard sell America so much on the idea of Trump being a "blue collar billionaire" (Jon Stewart said it best: "that's not a thing.")


"Hannity is a very wealthy man. So is Donald Trump. It appears that part of the way they became rich was by decrying welfare for poor folks, then grabbing it for themselves," wrote CNN's Paul Begala on Hannity's taking HUD handouts.

Hannity is the biggest "welfare queen" of them all, and his high powered real estate scamming explains so much of what he is. His dysfunctional obsession with the Clintons? A lot of that is projection (remember whitewater?). His peddling in the disgusting muck of deep state conspiracies?

Well, "the deep state" is nothing more than what your #MAGA and other far-right extremist types call the basic rule of law in this country.

And Sean Hannity is about to find himself in massive legal trouble, now that Robert Mueller has the goods on Cohen, who knows where the bodies are buried on both Trump and Hannity.

robert mueller

It could not have happened to a nicer guy.

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