Twitter, How Do Trump Nuclear Threats Not Violate Terms of Service?

Twitter, How Do Trump Nuclear Threats Not Violate Terms of Service?

Take a look at the Twitter terms of service that all users must agree to. The Twitter rules, under "Violence and physical harm reads:

Violence: You may not make specific threats of violence or wish for the serious physical harm, death, or disease of an individual or group of people. This includes, but is not limited to, threatening or promoting terrorism. You also may not affiliate with organizations that — whether by their own statements or activity both on and off the platform — use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes. We will begin enforcing this rule around affiliation with such organizations on December 18, 2017.

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Apparently though, this guideline doesn't apply when the situation involves the very individual with sole authority to utilize the United States nuclear weapons arsenal.

Twitter, obviously relishing the ubiquitous free product promotion that President Donald Trump provides them on a daily basis, will not shut down his account.

According to their Twitter rules, threats of nuclear annihilation don't qualify as "threats of violence" or "physical harm."

Although Twitter has recently cracked down on some groups using its platform to “promote violence against civilians to further their causes,” they would rather the world's most infamous Twitter user, with the most dangerous tweets in history, keep micro-blogging away.

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Twitter maintains that they will not block "world leaders" without naming Trump himself. 

They don't seem to be all too interested in the potentially grave consequences, but Credo Action Group is. They have started a petition asking Twitter to shut down Trump's account over violation of terms of service.

They have over 76,000 signatures so far, with a stated goal of reaching 100,000.

To sign the petition go to this link.

If you are on Facebook, click here to post the petition to your Timeline.

If you have a Twitter account, click here to automatically tweet.

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This isn't even the first time that Trump has tweeted about North Korea in a manner that violates the terms of service. That said, you can easily look at all the hostile tweets that Trump has made, threatening remarks against individuals, groups of people, entire nations and find an excessive amount of instances that defy the ToS.

However, at this point, who seriously wants that? This post would easily be 2,500 words+ before you know it. So in the words of Elvis Costello, in his timeless classic "Oliver's Army:"

Don't start me talking

I could talk all night

My mind goes sleepwalking

While I'm putting the world to right

Fitting that lyrics from a song about a military superpower and what's required to maintain their global hegemony (Oliver=Oliver Cromwell, who is credited as the father of the modern British military) applies to someone potentially tweeting us into WWI.

How pathetic is it that we even have to have this conversation?

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How bad at running for President was Trump's opponent Hillary Clinton that she couldn't win the popular vote by 10-15,000,000 based on just this reality alone? She even ran this very specific play, at least a couple times.

Clinton famously tweeted back on July 28th: "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons."

She broke out the line at the Democratic national convention, and also again during one of the debates. Trump responded like a bitter tween "yeah, I heard that one already."

Unfortunately, Clinton later ditched the line, as her team neglected to realize that they had a winning play right in their playbook. They could have easily just repeated this over and over and over again until the finish line. The Republicans/George W. Bush campaign solidly defeated John Kerry in 2004 by repeating as nauseam "he (Kerry) actually said that he voted for the (Iraq) war, before he voted against it."

That line became more over-played in '04 than every song by Usher and Outkast combined.

Is this very reductive? Yes.

Extremely simplistic?

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Sure, but it worked and it's fairly safe to say that most voters in 2016 had much shorter attention spans than they did 12 years ago.

The nuclear weapons Twitter line would have totally dialed up a victory for HRC, but instead she decided to do the political campaign equivalent of taking a knee in the mid third quarter with a lead of just one touchdown. (Or you could say "running the four corners" for our basketball fans, "park the bus" for soccer people).

In short, Twitter is a long time ruined, and if you could pin blame on any one individual it's Trump.

If the world's most power office holder is using Twitter in a way more outrageous than anybody else, then where exactly is there to go with the social media platform?

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Any time I'm on Twitter and I see Trump dominating the top trending terms dues to his Tweeting overt egregious pointless hostility at someone, and Twitter continues to do absolutely nothing about it, I can't think of another line from Oliver's Army:

And I would rather be anywhere else

But here today

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