Gun Sense Movement Gathering Momentum Against the NRA Agenda in 2018

Gun Sense Movement Gathering Momentum Against the NRA Agenda in 2018

As the calendar flips from 2017 to 2018, gun sense needs to be America's legislative priority, because the issue is top of mind. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll asked respondents "what was the most significant event of 2017?"

Mass shootings topped the list, and it was followed by natural disasters, the inauguration of Donald Trump, terrorist attacks, the tax plan in Congress and sexual harassment/#metoo movement.

Take a moment to review and examine that list again.

Common sense gun laws resonate with Americans more than even forces of nature, the world's biggest attention seeker/narcissist, and the issues that the media tends to focus on the most. America is much more united than it is divided when it comes to wanting gun sense, a term almost all of us can agree on.


However, we can't get there until the people in power realize that failing to act will cost them their jobs. Tweeting out "Thoughts and prayers to...." is the legislative equivalent of the NRA agenda. It's simply doing nothing, and it's an affront to both praying and thinking. Doing nothing is exactly what the National Rifle Association wants. Their modus operandi is simple- no on everything.

No matter what the new proposed legislation is, simply be against it, and obviously this approach works because it's so easy. The Republican controlled Congress, in the pocket of the big gun lobby, plays along and will continue to do so unless it costs it actually costs them their jobs. That's why 2018 is important, and that's where we come in.

We must get to work right now, and make sure we have a winning plan for November 6th. It's time to take the progress that was achieved in 2017, build on it, and go much further in 2018.

Watch this video from Everytown for Gun Safety below:

Every candidate who received the organization's backing this year was victorious. Partially because of the work of this organization, 17 states dropped bills that would have allowed guns in schools.

Here's what is at stake come election day:

33 Senate seats are up for grabs, with the GOP holding a 51-49 advantage, the Democrats need only two to take control. All 435 house seats will be contested, with Republicans now holding a 239-193 advantage, the Dems need to flip 24 in order to take command. You also have 14 governors up for re-election

A NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll points to the so-called "blue wave" that we keep hearing about in the media.

The poll asked "who should control congress in 2018?" The result was Democrats 50%, Republicans 39%.

This poll was extensively profiled on Meet the Press on Sunday, and when they delved into it more during the "Data Download" segment, the same question showed a 48% advantage for millenials, 20 points for women, 12 for independents, and even more notably a +4 for senior citizens.

independence hall

For whites it was still -2, but that's astounding when you consider what that number typically is in this situation.

It's time to make our lawmakers FINALLY realize that firearm regulation doesn't have to adhere to the political climate of 1787. We have no problem submitting to a new iTunes agreement, which updates monthly it seems, yet we're going to adhere to the Colonial period standards for muskets when it comes to gun sense?

How absurd is that?

We believe that regulations work for air and automobile travel, but with guns, chaos should reign? Be sure to read our last essay, on what needs updating within the U.S. Constitution for more on this concept.

the second amendment u.s. constitution

And with that, it's time to go through the fighting for Gun Sense to do list.

-Go to the "Jordan Klepper Solves Guns" homepage, tab "how to help," and follow the signs.

-Join/Donate Everytown for Gun Safety, and add your name to the list of those sending a message to Congress

-Read our exclusive with Mom's Demand Action Founder and Everytown for Gun Safety activist Shannon Watts.

-Be sure to follow Watts on Twitter.

shannon watts

-Text "Join" to 644-33

-Sign the petition urging lawmakers at the Illinois State Capitol to pass SB 1657, which would tighten restrictions on gun dealers and help combat illegal gun trafficking.

-Most importantly of all, VOTE for gun sense candidates. Volunteer on their behalf. Take political action at the grassroots level.

thoughts and prayers nra

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