Eminem Torches Donald Trump on BET; Video Burning Up Social Media

Eminem Torches Donald Trump on BET; Video Burning Up Social Media

The current American political atmosphere is reminiscent of the industrial landscape during WWII.

No matter who you are, or what you do, you put that aside and now devote your energy and efforts to a greater cause. In the 1940s, entire industries shifted from producing whatever products they typically make, and towards developing what was needed for the war effort.

Today, the shift is occurring in the marketplace of ideas. If you have an opinion and a platform, in 2017 you use it to make your voice heard on the state of the country and its leadership. Today, just like back then, the fight is against the threat of fascism and the ideology of white supremacy.

It's just now the battle takes place at home, not abroad. Tonight, Eminem put his hat squarely in the center of the ring.

eminem slim shady

Like Jimmy Kimmel, he's a mainstream entertainer that you wouldn't think of immediately as a political figure. However, these absurd times that we live in, where even basic science and simple facts are attacked by the intellectually challenged, has led both men to become prominent activists by simply speaking the plain truth and common sense.

Unlike Kimmel, Eminem has been loudly voicing his mind on social issues for over a decade. Tonight the Detroit born MC absolutely lit into President Donald Trump with a four and a half minute acapella dis track during the Hip Hop Awards on BET.

It's multiple flame emojis. Have a watch below:

Eminem covered multiple issues and several recent news events, and did so with such vigor and zeal that we can't unpack it all right here. I suggest you watch it a few more times; I know I sure did.

The terms Eminem, Eminem Cypher and Hip Hop Awards are burning up social media right now as this video is going crazy viral right now. Here are just a few of the best and most memorable reactions to Slim Shady that I've seen out there in the Twitterverse:

Oh and might I add WELL DONE! Marshall Mathers.

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