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Fancy Pants Weekend at the Grand Hotel on Michigan's Mackinac Island

This summer, my kids have experienced the best of both worlds. We’ve been camping twice already, and so they have spent many days a their muckiest and sweatiest, wearing their most well-worn clothes and flip-flops, dining fireside in the middle of a forest. I too have reveled in camping style: being make-up free, wearing an... Read more »

Three Chicagoland Places I'm Sad I'll Never Be Able to Share with My Kids

Kiddieland Every time I pass by the corner of 1st and North Avenue, I shed a small tear. I will never be able to take my 2-year-old daughter to Kiddieland, the tiny land of fun that was razed to the ground to make way for a Costco parking lot. When I was a kid, summer would not... Read more »

Cherishing the Sights of Life

Without healthy vision, the most beautiful and amazing sights of life are foggy at best. In our sweet home Chicago, there are so many wonderful sights to cherish, and maintaining healthy vision allows us to see them vividly, in all their splendor. My daughter is only two, but I’m pretty sure her most cherished Chicago... Read more »

P.S.: La Fontana di Trevi

P.S.: La fontana di Trevi I forgot to add this one photo to my last post, Travel: Early and Often: Here is my son the first time he set eyes upon the magnificent Trevi Fountain. Look at those wide eyes and grin! He was mesmerized by the old lady that fishes for coins (an estimated 3,000... Read more »