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Kids sail free this fall on Norwegian Cruise Line!

Have you ever cruised with kids? My son has cruised twice with his grandparents, and pre-kids, I cruised through the Galapagos Islands (what an experience!), but we still have yet to embark on a family cruise. Though I have yet to set sail with my kids in tow, I believe that cruises are a good... Read more »

Travel: Early and Often

When my son Daniel was five years old, I took him on the trip of a lifetime: we spent a few weeks in Rome, Italy, where I rented a tiny studio apartment so that he could get a taste of living like a Roman does. Many people, however, thought I was crazy for taking my... Read more »

Tracking Flight Fares with Yapta

Here’s a great online tool that I use to track flight fares:¬†Yapta¬†helps you track pricing on specific flights and hotels, and alerts you when the price drops, helping you get the best deal on your travel reservations. There is even an iPhone app you can download and use to track real time price changes. The... Read more »

Campers Have S'More Fun

This past weekend weekend will go down in my funny family memory books. We went camping! And I love camping. And based on the many fits of laughter, squeals of excitement, and the fact that they had to be dragged away from the beach every day, I’d say my kids love camping, too! My son... Read more »