Where it all started

A summary of "I am the 9.1%," which started my endeavor to write about careers, hobbies, and how to manage a whole life:

The Beginning (Wherein I introduce the story)

Perspectives from the Event Horizon (Wherein I discuss the existential crises of the unemployed)

Unemployed but Focused (Wherein I tackle the challenges of staying on taskooooohshinygimmegimme)

Odd Jobs Don't Stand Still (Wherein I discuss the benefits of unconventional employment)

Quality is Job Fun (Wherein I order my readers to enjoy themselves)

Support Systems and Behavior (Wherein my people are thanked and I am smarmy)

Legacy and Dignity (Wherein I get personal and talk about not being a dick)

Goals, Achievement and Clarity (Wherein I reiterate the importance of staying on taskwhatwasthatnoiseIwantapopsicle)

Avoiding Distraction (Wherein hehehehehehelookitthekittycat)

Lemon Scones and Pendulums (Wherein I make a list of achievements to make myself feel less crappy)

Your Job is Waiting. So Wait. (Wherein I explicitly call hiring managers lazy)

The Whole Stupid Thing (Wherein you can find whichever posts you want)