Where it all started

A summary of "I am the 9.1%," which started my endeavor to write about careers, hobbies, and how to manage a whole life:

The Beginning (Wherein I introduce the story)

Perspectives from the Event Horizon (Wherein I discuss the existential crises of the unemployed)

Unemployed but Focused (Wherein I tackle the challenges of staying on taskooooohshinygimmegimme)

Odd Jobs Don't Stand Still (Wherein I discuss the benefits of unconventional employment)

Quality is Job Fun (Wherein I order my readers to enjoy themselves)

Support Systems and Behavior (Wherein my people are thanked and I am smarmy)

Legacy and Dignity (Wherein I get personal and talk about not being a dick)

Goals, Achievement and Clarity (Wherein I reiterate the importance of staying on taskwhatwasthatnoiseIwantapopsicle)

Avoiding Distraction (Wherein hehehehehehelookitthekittycat)

Lemon Scones and Pendulums (Wherein I make a list of achievements to make myself feel less crappy)

Your Job is Waiting. So Wait. (Wherein I explicitly call hiring managers lazy)

The Whole Stupid Thing (Wherein you can find whichever posts you want)

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    A first-generation American, Dan was born and raised in Chicago. He has consistently approached real, honest adulthood, but is still known to play with G.I. Joes and eat spaghettios directly out of the can. Throughout his half-adult man-child existence, he's worked many different jobs and followed many different professional paths, including but not limited to Zamboni Driver, pizza cook, luggage salesman, social media consultant, generic marketing professional of nebulous level of seniority, journalist, video game reviewer, stand up comedian, unpublished author of novels and screenplays, freelance photographer, and now, blogger.

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