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Blogapalooz-Hour: Writing, you are the love of my life

  Dear Writing, We’ve been together so, so long now. Sometimes I try to imagine life without you, but it’s beyond me. I try my damnedest to remember the times before we met, before keyboards and word processors, laser printers, dot matrix printers. Before IBM Selectric typewriters, before pen and notebook, or even pencil and... Read more »

The Goal

It’s a strange position to find myself in, and one that shouldn’t be but absolutely is surprising. Here I sit, two books in production and a third in draft, with a children’s book nearing final illustration, and robust bookings for stand up in the fall. Sounds like a lot, and feels like so much work... Read more »

A year in an equation

Here’s a special equation I just concocted today: 365 days in a year - 104 Weekend Days - 25 Vacation/Personal/Sick days ___________________________ = 236 working days Many people, myself included end up working weekends, and never take anywhere near 25 days off during a year, because let’s face it; we’re Americans. Americans, when they have... Read more »

Top 5 Web Resources for Going Indie

I think it’s most likely clear to any regular readers of Part Time that I’m working towards a goal of self-employment. After some years in corporate and traditional employment, amounting to more than a decade (a realization that instantly nauseates me), it’s obvious that self-employment is the only way to achieve the kind of balance I... Read more »

Hugh Jackman rumors and Working Vacations

It’s official — gay rumors bug Hugh Jackman’s wife. That’s reasonable. I can only imagine it’d be frustrating to find out the man you’re married to has questionable heterosexuality in the dim view of the public. It’d be almost as frustrating as the eerie realization that your husband is Hugh Jackman, and the subsequent investigation into... Read more »

Failure to Communicate

Sometimes, as I lumber through work-a-day befuddlement, I forget that as a creative professional (sic: I write and design things, as opposed to sell things or perform mathematics), my perspective is both unique and esoteric when pitted against my more business-oriented counterparts within the company. Although things make sense to me a certain way, and... Read more »