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A year in an equation

Here’s a special equation I just concocted today: 365 days in a year - 104 Weekend Days - 25 Vacation/Personal/Sick days ___________________________ = 236 working days Many people, myself included end up working weekends, and never take anywhere near 25 days off during a year, because let’s face it; we’re Americans. Americans, when they have... Read more »

Top 3 Mini-vacations for Chicagoans

The new American Way can best be described as “work until you’re dead.” This is sort of a cultural maxim, a response to tough economic times and a harsh job market. Jobs are scarce,¬†good jobs almost non-existent, so the model we follow now is one that demands we do everything within our power and even... Read more »

Hugh Jackman rumors and Working Vacations

It’s official — gay rumors bug Hugh Jackman’s wife.¬†That’s reasonable. I can only imagine it’d be frustrating to find out the man you’re married to has questionable heterosexuality in the dim view of the public. It’d be almost as frustrating as the eerie realization that your husband is Hugh Jackman, and the subsequent investigation into... Read more »