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(5) Movies I'd never have seen without Roger Ebert

EbertFest is going on RIGHT NOW, and ChicagoNow bloggers are celebrating Roger through memories and sharing their love of movies. For me, Roger Ebert was ubiquitous; he was, throughout the entirety of my life, the very model of journalistic excellence, real analysis and insight, and absolute integrity. The man had his beliefs, they were informed,... Read more »

Shia LeBoeuf and the Top 5 Ways to NOT Quit Your Job

So, Shia LeBoeuf quit a job today, amid incompatibility issues with esteemed coworker Alec Baldwin. Within fifty-five minutes, producers of Orphans (the play LeBoeuf quit) had replaced him with Ben Foster. Even superstars aren’t indispensable; there’s always an army of qualified people ready and waiting to take your place. This is something that I’ve been keeping tucked... Read more »