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Shia LeBoeuf and the Top 5 Ways to NOT Quit Your Job

So, Shia LeBoeuf quit a job today, amid incompatibility issues with esteemed coworker Alec Baldwin. Within fifty-five minutes, producers of¬†Orphans (the play LeBoeuf quit) had replaced him with Ben Foster. Even superstars aren’t¬†indispensable; there’s always an army of qualified people ready and waiting to take your place. This is something that I’ve been keeping tucked... Read more »

Fresh Starts and Chicken Wing Shortages

Right now, if you were to go to Yahoo!, you’d see that “Chicken Wing Shortage” is TRENDING RIGHT NOW! Actually, by now, it’s probably not trending anymore, and the Chicken Wing Shortage trend has been forgotten completely by everyone, everywhere. What does this have to do with career advice, or goal setting, or anything at... Read more »
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    A first-generation American, Dan was born and raised in Chicago. He has consistently approached real, honest adulthood, but is still known to play with G.I. Joes and eat spaghettios directly out of the can. Throughout his half-adult man-child existence, he's worked many different jobs and followed many different professional paths, including but not limited to Zamboni Driver, pizza cook, luggage salesman, social media consultant, generic marketing professional of nebulous level of seniority, journalist, video game reviewer, stand up comedian, unpublished author of novels and screenplays, freelance photographer, and now, blogger.

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