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My Chicago Experience

Chicago is my home town. It’s where I was born, and where I grew up. There’s a lot of great stuff in Chicago, and I’ll always be attached to the city. But I’m going to just be real for a few hundred words. My Chicago experience isn’t all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. There’s a reason... Read more »

Fishing for Spring in Chicago

Spring has sprung in Chicago. You can tell, because there’s a fresh inch of snow on the ground and frozen in a crust over tree branches. Somewhere, my guess is Sauganash or perhaps Edison Park, Queen Elsa of Arendelle is bellowing out “Let it Go” in the tiny upstairs dormer window of a 1930’s era... Read more »

Chicago Comedy Main Event

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Today’s video post: Stand Up Throw Down is rapidly becoming one of my favorite comedy showcases to attend and perform at. Put on by a great group of people, the line ups are strong every week. Check it out, every Wednesday night at Township, 2202 N. California.

Chicago Comedian Pat McGann on Letterman

One of Chicago’s veteran stand ups will be appearing on Late Show with David Letterman tonight, January 24, 2014. Pat McGann, a mainstay of Zanies for several years, and one of Chicago’s finest comedians, was called up early last week to make an appearance on the show. I have no in-depth coverage to offer. I’m not... Read more »

Sometimes you have to be a spectator

How often do you read books about your profession, or observe others in your field just to see how they go about it? When is the last time you picked up a guide like Crucial Conversations, Getting to Yes: How to Negotiate Agreement Without Giving In, or the most helpful of all motivational business books, The Odd Todd... Read more »

Surrendering to a Goal

One goal I’ve set for this year is writing five posts a week. That means that even on days like today, when I’ve got little to no inspiration to speak of, I’ve still got to come up with something. First, I tried writing an Elegy to the closing Catholic schools in Chicago. I got this... Read more »

Top 3 Mini-vacations for Chicagoans

The new American Way can best be described as “work until you’re dead.” This is sort of a cultural maxim, a response to tough economic times and a harsh job market. Jobs are scarce, good jobs almost non-existent, so the model we follow now is one that demands we do everything within our power and even... Read more »