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Maximum Revenue per Square Foot

Once upon a time, I managed an ice rink and family entertainment center, in the pre-iphone-wifi-lolcats era. It was a job I fell backwards into, following my first experience in the corporate world. Previously, I was working at Pharmaceutical Gigantor Meganexxus as a data entry contractor. My team would receive daily clinical trial journals from the... Read more »

True Tales from Interview Land: The Tiger Handler

This will easily be the longest blog entry posted to Part Time. “The Tiger Handler” is a long story I’m working on for stand up. I do a version that’s maybe six minutes on stage, and it probably needs to be four. Here’s the full, incredibly long, un-expurgated version. The story is true, certified not exaggerated... Read more »

Urlacher, Ramirez, and Driving the Bus

A couple of big news stories are hitting today in the world of professional sports. For Chicago Bears fans, the biggest news of the day is that Brian Urlacher is officially a free agent. That’s potentially 13 years down the drain — we’ll see what happens in terms of offers from other teams, but it... Read more »

The Corporate Combine, or Getting Scouted For Fun and Profit

This week, rising stars are being put through their paces in Indianapolis, at the NFL Combine. Pro football prospects get a chance to show scouts from each NFL team what they can do, and what sets them apart from all the other prospects out there. Can they jump higher, run faster, lift more, take more... Read more »

Career Fiction, or How to Pee Rainbows and Make Weblications

This is a brief work of fiction by Dan Morris, about career stagnation. Lunch time on Tuesdays always set Alison’s teeth on edge. While she’d typically spend Monday gathering every ounce of optimism and exuberance to approach another week of career momentum, by 11:45 on Tuesday her gestalt was saturated with pragmatic poison. Every week,... Read more »

Shia LeBoeuf and the Top 5 Ways to NOT Quit Your Job

So, Shia LeBoeuf quit a job today, amid incompatibility issues with esteemed coworker Alec Baldwin. Within fifty-five minutes, producers of Orphans (the play LeBoeuf quit) had replaced him with Ben Foster. Even superstars aren’t indispensable; there’s always an army of qualified people ready and waiting to take your place. This is something that I’ve been keeping tucked... Read more »

Failure to Communicate

Sometimes, as I lumber through work-a-day befuddlement, I forget that as a creative professional (sic: I write and design things, as opposed to sell things or perform mathematics), my perspective is both unique and esoteric when pitted against my more business-oriented counterparts within the company. Although things make sense to me a certain way, and... Read more »