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Fantasy Hockey and Freelance

Every fall and winter, my entire gestalt becomes consumed by fantasy hockey. Days and nights spent reading the wires to make good draft choices turn into weeks and months setting lineups and arranging trades, all in the hopes of putting out the best team to win a digital trophy. The payoff never really comes, though.... Read more »

Retirement planning

The future… I tend to think of it as the F word. It’s nasty and terrifying. Sure, for society and the world, cool things are coming down the pike; cures for disease, technological breakthroughs, interstellar travel, innovations in donut frosting. But for a guy like me? The future is all about money – how much... Read more »

A year in an equation

Here’s a special equation I just concocted today: 365 days in a year – 104 Weekend Days – 25 Vacation/Personal/Sick days ___________________________ = 236 working days Many people, myself included end up working weekends, and never take anywhere near 25 days off during a year, because let’s face it; we’re Americans. Americans, when they have... Read more »

The Journalism Apocalypse: Waking Up On a Dead End

Chicago is now recognized as ground zero for the Journalism Apocalypse. What began as an isolated incident on May 31 involving twenty-some Chicago photojournalists has since developed into an epidemic on the national stage. “Writing is dead,” said Eldridge Pennyrage, CEO of MediaVoid Incorporated, a multi-national digital and traditional publishing conglomerate. “So are photography, multimedia... Read more »

What's that guy got that I haven't got?

As a writer and a performer and a generally creative-type person, I spend a lot of time observing the work of other writers, performers, and creative-type people. Especially when they’re further along the career train than me. Then I start looking into their websites, reading whatever bio I can find about them, researching the person... Read more »

Mediocrity on the Second Day

Tuesdays eluded Randall. Not to say he couldn’t find Tuesdays on a calendar, or experienced six day weeks instead of seven; more that Tuesdays hid around corners and in shadows just out of his grasp. Every week, the second day was empty, a void that absorbed momentum and hope and ambition. They weren’t miserable days,... Read more »

True Tales from Interview Land: The Tiger Handler

This will easily be the longest blog entry posted to Part Time. “The Tiger Handler” is a long story I’m working on for stand up. I do a version that’s maybe six minutes on stage, and it probably needs to be four. Here’s the full, incredibly long, un-expurgated version. The story is true, certified not exaggerated... Read more »

American Exceptionalism: The Comedy Attic

This is the first in the series American Exceptionalism – portraits of exceptional individuals thriving in independent enterprise.  Intense and impatient are the words Jared Thompson uses to describe himself. “Super, super impatient,” Thompson says, “I know exactly what I want.” Jared and his wife Dayna are the owner-manager duo of a small comedy club above a... Read more »

Top 5 Web Resources for Going Indie

I think it’s most likely clear to any regular readers of Part Time that I’m working towards a goal of self-employment. After some years in corporate and traditional employment, amounting to more than a decade (a realization that instantly nauseates me), it’s obvious that self-employment is the only way to achieve the kind of balance I... Read more »

Top 3 Mini-vacations for Chicagoans

The new American Way can best be described as “work until you’re dead.” This is sort of a cultural maxim, a response to tough economic times and a harsh job market. Jobs are scarce, good jobs almost non-existent, so the model we follow now is one that demands we do everything within our power and even... Read more »