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Chicago Comedy Main Event

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Today’s video post: Stand Up Throw Down is rapidly becoming one of my favorite comedy showcases to attend and perform at. Put on by a great group of people, the line ups are strong every week. Check it out, every Wednesday night at Township, 2202 N. California.

A Week of Video Posts

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After yesterday’s video, I’ve decided this week is going to be one full week of video posts. I’ll make a new video for each day of the week. Today’s video is a a tribute to my self confidence.

And now for something completely different

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Here’s your chance to get a taste for how a Chicago stand up showcase feels. Think of this as a video-format-photo-essay about how much fun can be had in the dank back room of a bar when it’s six degrees below zero. Also, check out Make Yourself At Home at the Hidden Shamrock on North... Read more »

Chicago Comedian Pat McGann on Letterman

One of Chicago’s veteran stand ups will be appearing on Late Show with David Letterman tonight, January 24, 2014. Pat McGann, a mainstay of Zanies for several years, and one of Chicago’s finest comedians, was called up early last week to make an appearance on the show. I have no in-depth coverage to offer. I’m not... Read more »

Sometimes you have to be a spectator

How often do you read books about your profession, or observe others in your field just to see how they go about it? When is the last time you picked up a guide like Crucial Conversations, Getting to Yes: How to Negotiate Agreement Without Giving In, or the most helpful of all motivational business books, The Odd Todd... Read more »

The endless search for approval

Most people spend a significant amount of time hunting for the approval of others. Maybe parents or siblings, friends or colleagues, the Department of Motor Vehicles in Teaneck, New Jersey; there’s always a quest going on to get an affirmation for life decisions. Sure, it’s easy to believe that everything we’re doing is in our... Read more »

Important words for special events

Special times happen in life. Getting married, the birth of a child, visiting endangered gorillas in the wilds of Uganda, getting a free extra bag of Oreos out of the vending machine – memorable, life-affirming times. These things happen, and in a moment all preceding moments are thrown into sharp relief. At a wedding, the... Read more »

You are going to die.

As long as there has been society, there have been philosophers. Scholarly types driven to decode and evangelize the correct path to contentment and meaning conjecture continuously on the topic. The first philosopher in the Greek tradition, Thales, could often be heard muttering that “those purulent toga-wearing bastards in the tax office couldn’t care less... Read more »

The worst joke ever written, and I wrote it

A significant portion of my time is spent writing jokes; jotting down little notes, wordsmithing premises into bits, weaving jokes out of my brain’s effluence. Sometimes, though, a joke will pop fully-formed into my brain. Most of the time, those are the irritating ones that I can’t get rid of, and haunt me forever until... Read more »

Oscars and Grouches

Oscar time has rolled upon us, with nominations announced today. I love the oscars, even when I feel like certain people have been overlooked or forgotten. This year, there are quite a few I’m excited about. Notably, Chiwetel Ejiofor deserves everything he’s got coming to him – he’s captivated the likes of me since I... Read more »