Short Blog from an Independent Business Person

Hypothetically speaking...

I'm not married, nor am I anyone's dependent. No one else's employer-subsidized healthcare covers me. As a self-employed person, I am my own business. Or perhaps I'm an independent contractor, or a grant-funded research scientist; in any of these scenarios I'm an American small businessperson.

Politicians claiming that Obamacare hurts the American small businessperson, I have to ask you a question:

How do I get health insurance if you defund Obamacare? How do I access the mythical highest standard of medical care available in the world?

Believe me when I tell you I've researched it. Individual health insurance is either prohibitively expensive or covers only catastrophic emergency care -- and even the latter policies aren't affordable. The healthcare exchanges, on the other hand, look to be providing exactly the kind of health insurance policies I need to exist on a level of equal opportunity with other Americans.

Clearly, the Affordable Care Act isn't a perfect piece of legislation. But instead of trying to make it better, you're trying to make the parts of it that do work fail. Because, politicians, you are dicks.

So, please, offer me an explanation as to how defunding Obamacare helps me, the American small businessperson. Because, frankly, it feels a lot more like hurt.

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