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The Journalism Apocalypse: Waking Up On a Dead End

Chicago is now recognized as ground zero for the Journalism Apocalypse. What began as an isolated incident on May 31 involving twenty-some Chicago photojournalists has since developed into an epidemic on the national stage. “Writing is dead,” said Eldridge Pennyrage, CEO of MediaVoid Incorporated, a multi-national digital and traditional publishing conglomerate. “So are photography, multimedia... Read more »

Blowdart-Sedation and Other Future Prospects

The world had changed. Not in a cultural or metaphysical or moral sense, but in a very physical, terrestrial sense. To be sure, the ethical and psychic zeitgeist shifted to adapt, but the world no longer existed as an existential crisis for David. Instead, it was a heaving sphere of rock and water spinning out... Read more »