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It is to laugh.

Today, I post a snotty riposte informed by hubris. I will work my way backwards, and start off by saying, “Nyah nyah!” Yesterday, I wrote this: An Unpopular and Arrogant Post. It was specifically written to be everything we’re told a blog shouldn’t be; conventional prose, no pictures, looooooong, and mostly irrelevant to the world... Read more »

An Unpopular and Arrogant Post

This post will not get much traffic. It follows none of the tips or trends that blog posts are supposed to follow. It’s not a list, nor is it a gallery, nor does it purport to be instructional on any topic or breaking news item. It is, or will be, nothing more than the semi-maniacal... Read more »

What's that guy got that I haven't got?

As a writer and a performer and a generally creative-type person, I spend a lot of time observing the work of other writers, performers, and creative-type people. Especially when they’re further along the career train than me. Then I start looking into their websites, reading whatever bio I can find about them, researching the person... Read more »

Flash Fiction: The Bearded Lady

Alan Parker lived next door. He was a very smart little boy, with a meticulous helmet of blond hair, blue eyes, and round little glasses. At school, Alan always had the answer, and always had his hand in the air so people would know he had the answer. At home, he was no less insufferable... Read more »