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Top 3 Mini-vacations for Chicagoans

The new American Way can best be described as “work until you’re dead.” This is sort of a cultural maxim, a response to tough economic times and a harsh job market. Jobs are scarce, good jobs almost non-existent, so the model we follow now is one that demands we do everything within our power and even... Read more »

Top 3 Office Inner Monologue Moments

Thursday can frequently be the locus of frustration. It’s the fourth day, preceded by three days full of futility and frustration, even in a good job. It’s the day that forces self-reflection, soul searching, and occasional private weeping. Luckily, it all results in Friday, every single week, and Friday kicks ass. Here’s a sample list of my top 3... Read more »

Urlacher, Ramirez, and Driving the Bus

A couple of big news stories are hitting today in the world of professional sports. For Chicago Bears fans, the biggest news of the day is that Brian Urlacher is officially a free agent. That’s potentially 13 years down the drain — we’ll see what happens in terms of offers from other teams, but it... Read more »

"It's not my job" and other Famous Last Words

There’s a standard mantra repeatedly uttered at your company amongst your coworkers during meetings and typed in emails. It’s a multi-purpose statement, sort of the corporate equivalent of “prego” in Italian. People use it as a greeting, a salutation, place filler, and most particularly a defense. Four simple words: it’s not my job. How many times... Read more »

In Transition and Other Lies My Boss Told Me

Recently, employees at a company somewhere near you, maybe even your company, received a memo notifying them that several of their coworkers were “in transition.” This is the new, trendy human resources palaver for “got whacked,” designed to be sensitive to the delicate emotions of those who’ve survived to collect their wages for another day.... Read more »

Spending some time with Donna to beat Childhood Cancer

Today is Donna Day, a celebration of a little girl who’s all-too-brief life has transcended a memory and become something more touching and powerful to all who know her story. Donna’s mom, and the story she tells, teach the simple, lovely, and amazing mantra, “Choose hope.” For me personally, it’s something that has helped me... Read more »