Fresh Starts and Chicken Wing Shortages

Right now, if you were to go to Yahoo!, you'd see that "Chicken Wing Shortage" is TRENDING RIGHT NOW! Actually, by now, it's probably not trending anymore, and the Chicken Wing Shortage trend has been forgotten completely by everyone, everywhere.

What does this have to do with career advice, or goal setting, or anything at all in relation to Part Time?

Nothing. Not a single thing...other than to illustrate how short attention spans are anymore, and help explain why I've moved from Danatomically Correct to Part Time.

I started Danatomically Correct as a chronicle of my time as one of many millions of unemployed Americans, using it as a medium to relate that story to the national narrative of economic hardship. Fortunately for me, I was able to start working again relatively quickly. This left me in a sticky situation, blog-wise, however. I ran out of time to tell the story, and even ran out of story to tell. Furthermore, with the URL, I was locked in to a statistic that was no longer relevant.

When my unemployment situation struck, I was fascinated by the Occupy movement, and the slogan, "I am the 99%." It seemed like a GREAT choice for a blog about the record-setting unemployment rate, so of course I snatched it up. Now, though, it makes no sense whatsoever. Nobody remembers or talks about either figure anymore. So I'm moving on to Part Time, which has a more perennial nature to it, and allows me a broader stroke for content. Consider it strategic.

As for the chicken wing forgot I even mentioned it, didn't you?

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