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Puppy's First Year: Destroyed by Cuteness

The breeder lured me in with sweet pictures of fat whippet puppies.
To say the last nine months of puppy ownership have been an adventure would be a gross understatement. Life with our whippet puppy, Rosie Run Her Up, is certainly never dull. If it weren’t for her sweet round eyes, ridiculously long nose and comically thin body, I would’ve brought her back to the breeder after... Read more »

Train Your Puppy with Five Easy Steps

Train Your Puppy with Five Easy Steps
After months of researching breeds, interviewing breeders and preparing the house, we recently added a Whippet puppy, Rosie “Run Her Up” Alperin, to our family. As I was waiting to bring Rosie home, I read several books, watched hours of Animal Planet and interviewed other dog owners. I took notes. I made lists. I created... Read more »