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The Third Time's the Charm: Arming Yourself with Humor for Pregnancy

“I will embrace every moment knowing this is my last pregnancy. I will be as peaceful as a pregnant goddess sitting on a lily pad.” In January, I sat with my blogging ladies discussing a new approach to my final pregnancy. I scoffed at the old pregnant me and was confident I had mastered being... Read more »

Confectionary Confessions from a Not-So-Desperate Housewife

Hello, my name is Crystal, and I am a sugar addict.  Not just a have-a-little-sugar-in-my-morning-coffee consumer but a serious powdered-sugar-ring-around-my-mouth addict.   And I need help. I love sugar in all of its many wonderful forms:  I love to sprinkle the crystallized granules on hot cereals and oatmeal and watch it dissolve in cumulous cloudy swirls... Read more »