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Resisting the "Mom" Label: Letting Go Of My 20-Something Self

Resisting the "Mom" Label: Letting Go Of My 20-Something Self
              I like to cheer when 5-month-old baby Gertrude burps or poops. I strangely find joy in sucking a booger loose from her tiny nose with a nose aspirator. Am I lacking a social life? No. Short on sleep? Well, of course, but when you have a tiny infant... Read more »

Playing Dress Up

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My doppelgänger lives in France, according to my jet-setting in-laws, who frequent the romantic streets of Paris. My idea of the perfect day is to bask in a French café on a cobblestone street with my striking husband, sipping coffee whilst donning a darling hat. (I have given this scene a lot of thought, can... Read more »

Puberty and Personal Hygiene: An Embarrassing Flashback

When do kids hit puberty? Well, whenever it is, I remember it well. I was innocently sitting in the back of my parent’s car, sporting a Maggie Simpson t-shirt, when my mother let out the gasp of the century. “What is that SMELL?!” she practically screamed from the driver’s seat. I shrugged my shoulders and... Read more »

What's in your purse? (aka the black hole)

What's in your purse? (aka the black hole)
In between jobs many years ago, I had the opportunity to work for Coach. (Yes, the leather goods company.) I was amazed when mothers would come in and ask for a purse that would allow them to be “hands-free”. Pah! I thought. Hands-free. Nothing could come between me and being fashionable. You mean to tell... Read more »

Spring Forward with a New Look: Exfoliating Your Winter Self

As I shaved in the shower this morning and stared at my almost opaque skin, I realized that I need to take action when it comes to preparing myself for a terrifying term I like to call, “beach season”. I tend to look at the arrival of spring as my new year as opposed to... Read more »