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5 Reasons This Single Mom Won't Be Going on Match.com

Ever since the ex and I split, I’ve been dreading my post-divorce match.com profile as if it were an inevitable thing. After all, I am a 36 year old, mini-van driving, suburban-dwelling, soccer mom of three. What are my options now that bar hook-ups and morning walks-of-shame aren’t a possibility? I have no interest in... Read more »

My Mom Taught Me Everything I Know about Being a Good Man

My Mom Taught Me Everything I Know about Being a Good Man
by Patrick O’Hara, Parenting Without A Parachute Contributor I realize we are a couple of weeks removed from Mother’s Day,  but there aren’t a lot of spots open on that day in a parenting-themed blog. This post serves as a show of my appreciation to my mom and also as her belated Mother’s Day gift.... Read more »

All My Heart In Seoul

I am proud to introduce Mary Choquette, my dear friend and PWAP guest columnist, who has an amazing story to tell about her time in Seoul, South Korea. Her tale will certainly bring a smile and a few tears. Enjoy! About a year and a half ago, Andrew’s career took us to Seoul.  We were... Read more »