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Outrage about bras and sexy underwear for 4-year-olds!

After reading a Fox News story about the outrage of French lingerie designer, Jours Apr├Ęs Lunes creating a sexy ‘Loungerie’ line for small children, I couldn’t help but visit the site to gather my own opinion. Much to my suspicion, sprawled across the site is images of young girls in jovial model-esque scenes, donning makeup,... Read more »

Should 5-Year-Olds Kiss Their Friends on the Lips?

It’s a little hard to define things for small children and a few subjects have been recurring lately for my almost 5-year-old. Death, marriage, and love to be specific. Death I tend to be vague about and plainly say when someone dies, they go to Heaven and live with Jesus. (Our personal family belief.) I... Read more »

Not Your Average Suburban House Party!

The evite said 7:30 p.m.  It was still too light outside to camouflage me, so I waited until 8:00. And, of course, I couldn’t arrive alone – I am not that brave, so I insisted on arriving with two other friends so I didn’t have to walk into the house by myself. The evite arrived... Read more »