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Bears, Football And Living In A House With Three Crazed Fans When All I Really Care About Are The Snacks!

I have never been a football fan. My early memories of the sport were of my father and his friends yelling at the television, at each other and at any of us kids who accidentally lost their first tooth during the Super Bowl and wanted to proudly show it off, only to be ushered to... Read more »

Backyard funeral: The story of a boy, his hamster and one family's backyard burial.

No, Brooks, your hamster is not hibernating. My husband knew the situation was not good the second he heard our youngest, Brooks, call down from his bedroom, “Dada, I think Rascal is hibernating.” Without hesitation and without me there to solve the crisis, my husband bolted up the stairs to Brooks’s bedroom. Brooks sat in... Read more »