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Mom Fails Second Grade Everyday Math.

Mom Fails Second Grade Everyday Math.
Second grade math for my oldest child, Cassie, would have gone a lot smoother if only she had asked a neighbor for help instead of me. Our school district, Oswego 308, adopted the controversial Everyday Mathematics program developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project.  The program is controversial because it is so very... Read more »

Merrily Singing My Way To The Voting Booth -- Won't You Join Me?

First day of Kindergarten for our oldest
Since the beginning of time (at least time measured in Crystal years), musicals have been my passion and favorite means of escapism.  They still remain my greatest birthday-shooting-star-blowing-dandelions-in-the-breeze wish that my daily life would magically involve synchronized dancing and harmonized singing.  I dream of singing my way to school pick-up each day, dressed in a... Read more »