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Bottling Up the Day to Day: Beyond Lifestyle Photography

“It’s time to start letting go,” I decided a few months ago, but this time with a whole heart and not a half-assed attempt to convince myself by making a fake declaration out loud. The laundry in piles, dishes in the sink and the back yard strangely reminiscent of a junkyard, yet I had never... Read more »

The End of Privacy: A Tired Woman Questions Other Parents

The End of Privacy: A Tired Woman Questions Other Parents
This morning, I found myself putting on socks while I was using the little girls’ room. And I was not alone, as all three of my children were hanging out in the small commode with me. My 5-year-old, excited to be back to school after spring break, told me of his anticipation of the calendar... Read more »

All My Heart In Seoul

I am proud to introduce Mary Choquette, my dear friend and PWAP guest columnist, who has an amazing story to tell about her time in Seoul, South Korea. Her tale will certainly bring a smile and a few tears. Enjoy! About a year and a half ago, Andrew’s career took us to Seoul.  We were... Read more »

Tomorrow is like any other day...

I realize everyone in Illinois and Wisconsin will be glued to their televisions tomorrow, but I know there exists a small population of people who will not mind if they miss a touchdown or two. As the Bears and Packers go face-to-face (or is it head-to-head?) in one of the most anticipated games in B/P... Read more »