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My Parenting Resume: I'm No Longer An Entry-Level Mother

My Parenting Resume: I'm No Longer An Entry-Level Mother
During my sabbatical, as the sleepless nights and my lack of creative vision continued, I needed some kind of outlet for my twitchy typing fingers and decided to update my resume on LinkedIn to keep me busy. As I browsed through my thesaurus looking for power words like master, impeccable, and wizard, I started to... Read more »

When I grow up...

The question had been asked of me countless times. My parents, teachers, and even my friends seemed relentless in their quest to understand my deepest ambitions and translate them into a simple career goal. As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t answer their “what are you going to be?” question. I was 8. I dwelled on the matter.... Read more »

Are you up for a change? Stop making excuses and start now!

I get excited when people tell me they want to start something new or change something in their lives. I see change as a life-altering experience, good or bad. Over the years I have had numerous conversations with friends who have been in search of a new career. This post can apply to anyone, but... Read more »