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The Sweat Fest is Over! Anticipating Fall in the Midwest...

The Sweat Fest is Over! Anticipating Fall in the Midwest...
A glorious cool breeze drifted through my kitchen window this morning, exposing the steamy heat of my 6 AM cup of coffee. I giggled with glee when my body broke out into goosebumps! FALL! I am not a huge fan of sweating or any temperature which makes my naturally wavy hair frizz-out more than normal.... Read more »

Tomorrow is like any other day...

I realize everyone in Illinois and Wisconsin will be glued to their televisions tomorrow, but I know there exists a small population of people who will not mind if they miss a touchdown or two. As the Bears and Packers go face-to-face (or is it head-to-head?) in one of the most anticipated games in B/P... Read more »

Bears, Football And Living In A House With Three Crazed Fans When All I Really Care About Are The Snacks!

I have never been a football fan. My early memories of the sport were of my father and his friends yelling at the television, at each other and at any of us kids who accidentally lost their first tooth during the Super Bowl and wanted to proudly show it off, only to be ushered to... Read more »

Male Bonding: A Four-Year-Old Bear

It is a unique experience, being the mother of a boy.  My heart leaps into my throat at least 10 times a day when my 4-year-old, Raymond, jumps off the back of the couch.   I know the names of every Thomas the Tank engine character and use Thomas lingo in everyday conversation.  I am well-versed... Read more »