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Moms and Mental Health: A Humble Confession of Imperfection

Moms and Mental Health: A Humble Confession of Imperfection
I like my privacy as much as the next woman, but I believe I was meant to be a storyteller. The tales that have connected the most with you over the past 2 years have been about stories about my life. I have no problem sharing the joyful times, the often funny moments when I... Read more »

Getting Inspired in the Midst of a Busy Life: How Do You Do It?

Every morning, promptly at 9 am, I sit down at my computer and write. Sufficiently rested from an uninterrupted night of sleep, creativity pours out of me like hot syrup on golden pancakes. As the daydreamy mist fades from my ideal working scenario, I look around at the reality of my life and confirm I... Read more »

Staying too long at a pity party? How to get out of the funk...

I have been in a real funk lately and I do not like it. I used to like a good pity party, but now I find it distracting and useless. Usually I can work out or get inspired out of a temporary depression, but this time, it is different. I am coming off a rough... Read more »

Suffocate the Mania with Good Thoughts

I have honestly never been so compassionate when I say, I am DONE with winter. What is it about this winter season that is so much more cold and unbearable? The eternal optimist, I cannot linger too long in the cold, dark tundra of depression and must look ahead. What do you look forward to... Read more »