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When Mommy Writes Naughty Books

When Mommy Writes Naughty Books
For years, I’ve kept a naughty little secret: I write Romance. Not sweet and innocent watered-down, dewey-eyed girl meets boy love stories. No, those books make me fall asleep. I write romance that I love to read. My stories feature intelligent, sassy, flawed heroines and sexy brooding equally-flawed heroes, whose stories are woven together with... Read more »

One Mother Confesses her Dirty Little Secrets

Lightning trying to flee from his stinky dirty cage.  If only he would stop spitting out and flinging the food he refuses to eat, the cage would be a lot cleaner!
Forgive me, Fellow Mothers and Fathers, for I have sinned.  It has been too long since my last parental confession:  In the beginning before my first child was born, I was a great mom, a text book mom.  As I was unemployed during my first pregnancy, I had plenty of time to memorize both of... Read more »