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The 5:00 Reboost: Shaking Off A Rough Day

The 5:00 Reboost: Shaking Off A Rough Day
My lovely friend Crystal, loaned my family a book series by Cynthia Rylant, which features Mr. Putter, an elderly man, and his cat, Tabby. I have been friends with Crystal for over 15 years and if there is one thing I know for certain – her taste in literature is always interesting, funny and memorable.... Read more »

Tomorrow is like any other day...

I realize everyone in Illinois and Wisconsin will be glued to their televisions tomorrow, but I know there exists a small population of people who will not mind if they miss a touchdown or two. As the Bears and Packers go face-to-face (or is it head-to-head?) in one of the most anticipated games in B/P... Read more »

New Classics: Our favorite books from babies to teens

We remember what it was like when we had the time to savor a novel for three straight hours.  But when children came into our lives, we were lucky to have three straight minutes to ourselves.  The novels began to disappear.  In their place the bookshelves began to fill up with books not even made... Read more »