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Saying Goodbye to Fattening Food, Jiggly Arms, and Muffin Tops

Saying Goodbye to Fattening Food, Jiggly Arms, and Muffin Tops
An excerpt from the journal of Elizabeth Rago… Friday, May 25th, 2012 8:22 PM I felt my upper arm flab wagging in the windy Chicago breeze today as I waved at my 5-year-old son. Instantly clutching my jiggling skin, I shamefully tucked my untoned tricep under my armpit and exchanged my exuberant gesture for a... Read more »

The Third Time's the Charm: Arming Yourself with Humor for Pregnancy

“I will embrace every moment knowing this is my last pregnancy. I will be as peaceful as a pregnant goddess sitting on a lily pad.” In January, I sat with my blogging ladies discussing a new approach to my final pregnancy. I scoffed at the old pregnant me and was confident I had mastered being... Read more »

Running without reservation: How a frazzled, tired mother of three finally got her groove back

Contrary to the lie that I tell my children, John Mayer was not really inspired to write the lyrics, “Your body is a wonderland…” by me. Now, my children have never believed my feeble attempts to convince them, as they still do not understand the concept of knock-on-a-closed-bedroom-door-before-you-open-it and they have seen me in nothing... Read more »