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Still Keeping it a Secret? Tips on How to Hide Your Baby Bump

Still Keeping it a Secret? Tips on How to Hide Your Baby Bump
About two weeks ago, my bump has popped out. I can’t comfortably wear my regular attire. Reluctantly, I have started to wear maternity clothes. I have decided not to share the information of my pregnancy at my places of business yet. I’m trying to hide my bump as much and as long as possible. If... Read more »

The "Unmentionables": Week 3 of the Simple Mom Challenge

The "Unmentionables": Week 3 of the Simple Mom Challenge
Week 3 of the Simple Mom Challenge proved to be quite revealing as I tackled my “unmentionables” drawer. Rooting through the mess of cotton, lace, and spandex, I shook my head in frustration at the sight of my daughter’s 3-year-olds skivvies in the mix of my seemingly large bloomers. After a more in-depth examination of... Read more »

Sweatpants or Hot Pants: Dressing like a "Mom"

    I am having an identity crisis. From what I know, I am not alone. A couple of my friends and I were talking about our feelings and concerns now that we are parents approaching our mid thirties. Wow, I just cringed as I wrote “mid thirties”. Anyway, we were discussing very important topics, like... Read more »

Giving in to seasonal urges

Each fall I am struck by a strange sensation.  At the first hint of chilly autumn air, when the wind takes on a different tone as it rustles the drying leaves, my hands begin to itch.   It is not an allergy or a flare-up of some rare skin disease.  It is an insatiable craving in... Read more »

Clothing a tribe

I am cheap.  Frugal.  Thrifty.  Pennywise.  Call it whatever you want, I don’t mind.  Of all the Parenting Without a Parachute ladies, I am undeniably the pennypinchingest.  For nearly three years I have been raising three young’ns on my own, and being foolish with money is not an option. I obsessively turn off lights.  My... Read more »