Moms You Should Know: Anne Sykes

At 93, she’s never had a drivers license and prefers a grilled cheese from Egg Harbor for lunch. Born in Chicago and one of 9 children, Anne Sykes has always been a feisty girl. Both in humor and attitude, Anne has always had a youthful spirit about her. The original DIY'er, Anne once made a dress from the sheets off her mother's bed to go dancing at the Aragon Ballroom. (She got in trouble for that one.)

A cozy place to cuddle according to her grandchildren, Anne cringes at the crabbiness of other old people and exclusively wore skirts and dresses until 15 years ago. With two children, five grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, Anne is never without a hug. When this snowy-haired woman walks into a place where she is known, she is always greeted with hugs, kisses and "Hi, Grandma!" by people who are not her relatives.

Anne has no social media connections and prefers old school face-to-face conversation. Leave a hug and a "Hi Grandma!" in the messages and I will relay the message!


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