Visualizing Natural Childbirth

Visualizing Natural Childbirth
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Being the visual person I am, I like to always imagine how things will go, in my “happy place” before they actually happen.

When I was a competitive athlete, my trainer wouldn’t let me watch other athletes we knew would complete a less than stellar performance. She knew how visual I am and understood if I watched someone perform mistakes, I would unconsciously replicate the same mistakes.

If I visualized myself executing the task at hand correctly and perfectly or watched an athlete better than myself compete, I was more likely to succeed.

I plan on following the same base that lead to my success as an athlete all those years when I birth our son in a few short weeks. I understand there may be a plan outside of my visualization, but in my mind the way I imagine it is the way it will go.

In college my mom suggested I read “The Secret” because I was headed down an uncomfortable path. I continued to visualize my life going poorly and making decisions based on fear. The moment I decided to start visualizing my life going the way I wanted it  to end was the moment my life transformed. I now live the life I dream about.

If I walk into our birth fearing pain and imagining the potential complications, I know the likelihood for them to occur increases. However, if I imagine a perfect and beautiful, zen-like birth, that is what I will experience.

Some call this style of birthing “HypnoBirthing”, some just call it crazy. For those who love to suggest discomfort and negativity, I ask you to check your opinions at the door, as they are not welcome here. I believe our bodies are made to perform this miracle.

Because of my serious reaction to medication and multiple spinal injuries throughout my athletic career, I don’t have the luxury of voluntarily accepting medication. If I am unable to perform a natural birth, I may miss crucial bonding time with my son the first hours, days or weeks of his life. I’ll do whatever it takes to get him here safely, but I am asking everyone to believe I can do this naturally. As my yoga instructor says, “The light in you is the light in me.”

I am ready to bring our son into the world with a calm mind and ready heart.

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