Faux Farms

I want a faux farm.IMG_7452

I dream of skipping about with Midwest wildflowers in one hand and feeding chickens with the other. I long to pause and reflect about life while leaning by a rusted silo or a red paint chipped barn. This song from Sesame Street's Follow That Bird plays on repeat in the background:



I visited a farm last month with the Illinois Farm Families Field Moms program. That one experience had me thinking about my own place to roam, not only for my child-like spirit, but that of my children’s. I felt compelled to start searching the electronic yellow pages for… what?

Faux farms for sale?

I live on the outskirts of the Chicagoland area and a 60-second car ride takes me to a land brimming with horses and chickens and sheep and fields. And sprinkled in between the real farms are these cozy faux farms. You know, a traditional farm house with an old barn nearby and an occasional chicken roaming about? No large animals, mind you, but the actual feeling of fresh air and freedom all around you.

I dream of lazily swinging on a hammock, reading books while the kids explore, not contained by a fence and carelessly feeling the dirty world under their fingertips.

And the silence. Oh, the silence! Only the faint buzz of a bumblebee on the cone flowers I planted all around our house.

And maybe we could have chickens?!!!!!! Although Peter thinks I am crazy to want chickens but I predict he will love having them when he is eating fresh eggs plucked from the bottoms of Betsy and Petunia. (Can you tell I have thought a lot about this scene?)

I even have the BOOTS to tromp around a faux farm and mentioned to the kids a few times that if we could find one, we could most certainly live in a farm out in the country. Ecstatic at the idea, the children quickly named the animals they wanted on their farm: a horse, a bull, a cow and a cat. Explaining to a 4 and 6-year-old what faux farm means is a bit difficult, so I assured them that we could at least have a chicken.

And yes, Peter, I will take care of the chicken, because I already take care of 2 fish, 1 turtle, 1 dog, 3 kids and 1 husband. What’s one more pen to clean?

Of course, the chicken has to have a friend, right?

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