Stretch Marks Revealed (PHOTO)

stretchmark1I have no problem embarrassing myself whether on accident or on purpose. It seemed only natural for me to go one step further and capture the image of my stretch marks and display them online for everyone on God’s green internet to see.

I’m just not embarrassed about the fact that my life isn’t perfect anymore. (To capture my birthing scars was completely inspired by this image called "The Beauty Love Left Behind".)

Is it wrong that I am becoming less and less obsessed with the way I look and more concerned about the way I feel? Don’t be concerned. I am bathing and laundering my clothes, I just have no energy to give worrying about whether or not I have a slight muffin top or stretch marks torment my thoughts anymore.

After all, on the 8th day, God created Spanx, did He not?

I am sexy to my husband (and to myself, for that matter) and attractive in thousands of other ways, so take THAT stretch marks!

It’s easy to put yourself out there online because nobody is staring straight at you, shouting their disapproval. Just as I became LTYM-logocomfortable with all of me, the opportunity to get up in front of an audience of 950 people and talk about the awkwardness of my self was presented to me in the form of Listen to Your Mother. A sort of Vagina Monologues-ish series of readings for mothers hosted nationally across the United States. I submitted the essay that made me laugh the most when I wrote it.

Gloriously, the lovely Melisa Wells and Tracey Becker thought my piece was a good fit for the show and extended an invitation for me to present at The Athenaeum Theatre on May 5th.

Seventeen Chicago-area women will bare it all in the form of powerful prose. In front of hundreds of eyes, we will bravely tell our tales of motherhood. Tears will be drawn, in laughter and heartache, but these are the tears of life.

In lieu of autographs, I will proudly flash you my stretchmarks...

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