My Birth Plan...that’s not a birth plan.

My Birth Plan...that’s not a birth plan.

Well, I’ve successfully made it through my second trimester and as I coast into my third, the “birth plan” is a common topic among the girls in my prenatal classes.

Because my mom is a labor and delivery nurse, I am aware of what labor and delivery is really like. It was literally dinner talk to hear about episiotomies and emergency c-sections. Thanks to those chats, I feel more than prepared for the birth of my son.

When other expectant mothers ask me about my birth plan, I chuckle a little. Knowing the nurses will gather around the nursing station cackling at the minutia involved in every laboring mothers birth plan, I have opted not to write one at all.

“Every two hours I would like a fluffy pillow delivered to me along with twenty six ice chips in a cup.” 

I see it this way: It is my first time ever experiencing labor. It is the nurses third or fourth time today  because as much as I love the idea of being special, I am not their only patient. They aren’t just there to fluff your pillows or bring you ice chips. It is an emotionally and physically exhausting occupation and theses nurses are warriors.

For example: I know they can get me from a labor room and into an operating room in two minutes, and have my baby out in 90 seconds in case of emergency. I know there is a team of certified professionals available to me to resuscitate my newborn if he comes out with any trouble breathing. I do not need them to screen visitors and hold a “VIP” list for who can meet my baby. I’m delivering at a hospital, not a night club.

These nurses are my warriors. They are my rocks and they will do absolutely everything in their power to get my baby out and into the world as safely as possible. That is their job.

Knowing this, why would I complicate their lives with more paperwork? 

Because of my overwhelming sensitivity to all medications or foreign substances, my midwife will instruct the labor staff that all drugs are to be kept far, far away from me unless there is an emergency. I plan to deliver my baby naturally.

I say “plan” because I know any of the aforementioned complications are very real, and could happen to me. I could labor beautifully on my birthing ball for twenty seven hours and if Little Billy doesn’t want to come out without a fight, then we do what we need to do. I have met the obstetrician and completely trust his abilities to get my son out if need be.

I am one hundred percent comfortable leaving these details up to my midwife and the labor nurses because they are the experts, I am a first-timer. They have seen thousands of cases just like me. I am not special, I’m just a young, healthy wife having her first baby. If all goes to plan, they could probably deliver my child with their eyes closed.

I am very aware that most mothers now delivery wonderful, perky, happy babies with epidurals, but I am also aware of the potential side effects. I just happen to be one of those people whose body doesn’t react kindly to “new” things, so unless it is an emergency, the meds need to stay safely packed away in their vials.

So, my “birth plan” is simple: I will labor naturally. If Billy is ready to be delivered naturally, then that’s how he comes out. Anything else that happens between those two points I am trusting the direction of my midwife and labor nurses. If I tear, I tear. If I need a cesarian, I need a cesarian. There are wonderful obstetricians on-call for that reason!

My midwife and I have discussed the “plan” and she fully supports my decision because it is what’s healthiest for me. That said, in the end we will do anything that is best for my son, because in reality, this whole thing is all about him.

If you’re an obsessive researcher like me and want to know what is really important to bring with you to the hospital for your delivery, my mom has been kind enough to write a guest post on my blog today. Check it out here. 


Jess Bedsole: As a first time mama due in May, Jess is wandering from “cute” to “cravings” in her pregnancy. Expecting a little boy has taken over her brain and admittedly, she has become obsessed with research. Jess has a constant yearn to learn about all things baby as she literally counts the days until she can meet her son. You can read more about her home life on her blog Sparkles and Crafts while following her random thoughts (and cravings) on Twitter @jessbedsole

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