Perkier and Light: Day 2 of the Dr. Oz 3-day Detox

Welcome to day 2 of the Dr. Oz 3-day Detox!

Can you tell I am a little bit perkier today? I am happy to report that day 2 is much better than day 1. I woke with a slight headache which was suppressed by my morning green tea. I felt lighter today and I don't mean that from an "elimination" point of view. Usually, I feel an overall tension in my body, which is not necessarily negative. Day 2 proved to bring my mind to a bit of clarity.

I could really think, which sounds crazy, but true. My thoughts were clearer. Kind readers who are working through the detox or have in the past, did you experience this new sharpness in your thinking?

Update on my "Detox Partner", Peter (my husband). He decided to step back from the cleanse as he was feeling symptoms of the flu my son had on day 1. He then made a pot of coffee. At first I thought I would be haunted by the smell of the beans brewing, but I was okay. In fact, in my new-found clarity, I went straight to work tackling my day!

Today, I will be reporting more on how I feel physically and mentally, as the difference between day 1 and day 2 is significant. I also forgot to mention the supplements the detox requires and will add that into my account below. Make sure you make it all the way down to the photo gallery where I visually explain each meal.

6:30 AM - Green Tea

Emotional Response/Physical Response: I was thrilled to feel my headache dwindle into nothing as I enjoyed my morning tea. I do not think I could go back to coffee now. The brightness I felt this morning was enough to make me say goodbye to coffee forever!

Suggestions for Success: I am going to work on creating a new routine for myself in the mornings to put this energy to good use. I am not sure what the routine is yet, but this article about harnessing the power of routines from Debra Smouse is sure to help!


Supplements: Take 1/2 a Multivitamin and 1 Probiotic Supplement

Emotional Response/Physical Response: I literally chugged this drink and found my mood pleasant while I prepared the ingredients. I also licked the almond butter off the measuring spoon and have decided that almond butter will be a part of my daily meals. I even snuck some on to the kids toast instead of their regular peanut butter...

Suggestions for Success: This shake will replace my usual morning breakfast: cereal or yogurt with granola and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Visit to the Little Girls' Room: I must address this because I have noticed since yesterday night that when I feel the urge to use the facilities, I must go. NOW. There is no waiting and no opportunity to "hold it". Get there. NOW.

Transition from Breakfast to Lunch:

Yesterday, I had a raging headache. So intense, I thought about giving up on the detox. I did develop a tiny twinge of a headache behind my eyes, but nothing serious.

When Peter woke at 10:00, he asked how I felt and although I was a little hungry, I said,

"I feel pretty good!"

Feeling peppy and very clear in my head.


Supplements: 1/2 Multivitamin and 1 Omega 3 Supplement

Oy, I was dreading this meal and have realized it is the slightly sour taste and consistency of the liquid that my throat cannot take.

Emotional/Physical Response: I decided this was more of a soup-like dish, so I poured it into a bowl. This seemed to work until I got about ½ through the meal and had to down the remaining from a glass. Leaving ¼ of the liquid left, I said "to hell with it" and dumped the rest down the drain. Why? Because I knew in just a few hours I could have the breakfast drink as a snack and shortly after that, the tasty dinner drink! Cheating? Maybe, but I don’t care…

Suggestions for Success: Left over containers. You invested in buying all this produce, so the best way to keep it fresh is to anticipate your need for resealable bowls before the detox starts. I personally like this 17-piece set from IKEA. They wash well and they cost $4.99!

Transition Time from Lunch to Snack:

I had to scoot out of the house to meet with a client, so I was distracted from the whole process. My headache was buzzing a little bit more, but did not stop me from my usual activities.

Visit to the Little Girls' Room: Once again, made haste to the commode.

3:00 PM - Snack

Emotional/Physical Response: Since I had deviated from the lunch shake, I was more hungry on day 2 than I was during this time on day 1. (Hope that makes sense...)  I chose the breakfast drink for my snack and ate it while I played with my kids. I felt an energy in the afternoon I have never felt before! In fact, this is usually when I brew my second pot of coffee to get through the day! My daughter even requested a sip of the shake but I need to investigate whether or not this particular drink is safe for children to eat.

Suggestions for Success: While I am not obsessing about eating unhealthy food, I am curious as to how I will transition to a new approach to eating after this detox is over. My friend, Debra, suggested the Bon Appetite Food Lover's Cleanse, which might help ease my body back into eating.

Transition Time from Snack to Dinner:

Still feeling pretty peppy, yet my headache is back to say hello. My attitude is so much better than yesterdy and I no longer have the urge to steal my children's food off their plate, nor am I obsessing about food! I am certain my headache will be gone by tomorrow.

6:30 PM - Dinner

Emotional/Physical Response: Remember yesterday when I said I had no problem finishing this drink? Well, the same rang true except Peter ordered Jimmy John's for dinner. I must admit I gazed at the potato chips longingly...

Suggestion for Success: I really want to incorporate good eating habits for everyone in my family and have started perusing sites like Eating Well for dinner recipe suggestions.

Transition from Dinner to Bed:

I was hungry after dinner time and was contemplating eating just a little bit of the leftover avocado in the fridge from dinner. I decided to stick it out, take my bath and scoot off to bed.

Detox Ultra Bath

The bath was soothing like yesterday, and I just might become a regular bathing beauty! My serenity was short-lived as a soft knock at the door revealed my 4-year-old daughter. My arthritis seemed to be better after the soak...

Visit to the Little Girls' Room: Enough said.



I was not cranky, I was full and my headache was not as intense as day 1. Success!

As far as the bathroom was concerned, I did frequent the lavatory. Three times to be exact, but once again, it was not the poop fest I thought it would be...

This might sound silly but I feel like I am peeling away towards my real self (the exuberant me!) and not trying to push through the hours fighting to keep my low-energy, sluggish self alive with coffee. I am sure everyone has different results..

If you are going through the detox, what have you noticed about your mood and energy?

Tomorrow, DAY 3!

*Disclaimer: This detox experience is my own and can vary for the individual participating in the cleanse.




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