Logging Off for the Holidays

Logging Off for the Holidays

I was talking with a friend on Skype the other day, enjoying a great catch-up on each other's lives. Since she lives on the east coast, it's the best way we can connect, and the video component, it feels more intimate than just talking on the phone. So, we have coffee dates. It's one of the many ways that being online has improved my life - and between blogging, working and social networks, it seems of my life life is online these days. Most of the time, I don't mind that. It has allowed for both wonderful friendships and job opportunities to flourish even when geographic proximity isn't an option.

However, the past month has been different. While I've been working hard to simplify my offline life, switching on my computer lately has opened up a portal of drama, anger and a whole lot of heaviness. There is certainly plenty to feel heavy about these days - but there is also a lot of self-made angst that clogs our screens as well.

After stepping away from my screen exhausted, I remembered something key: I don't have have to invite all of this in.

I've found myself slowly withdrawing a bit as the month has gone on - and whenever I do, I feel better.

So, for the next several weeks as we are enveloped in the holidays, I am taking a break from a lot of my online universe. I'm going to focus on my two kids, who at four and two, are loving the lights and adventures of Christmas this year. I am going to work on recharging myself as a difficult year closes, and do my best to come back recharged for 2013.

I'm going to focus on the people right in front of me who bring me joy.

Happy holidays, all.

How do you get "away" when your online life becomes too much?

Tracy Jensen, aka ChiMomWriter, is a writer, marketer, mother, fundraiser, marathoner, wine drinker and music lover. She survives suburban exile by blogging about anything that pops into her mind at It Builds Character and Parenting Without A Parachute and about empowering women at Just Be Enough. She can also be found at night ignoring the dishes and playing on Twitter. Stop by and say hello.

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