The 5:00 Reboost: Shaking Off A Rough Day

The 5:00 Reboost: Shaking Off A Rough Day

My lovely friend Crystal, loaned my family a book series by Cynthia Rylant, which features Mr. Putter, an elderly man, and his cat, Tabby. I have been friends with Crystal for over 15 years and if there is one thing I know for certain - her taste in literature is always interesting, funny and memorable.

Especially children’s literature.

The Mr. Putter and Tabby series is a soft and heartfelt tale of quietly adventurous Mr. Putter, his old cat Tabby, his feisty neighbor, Mrs. Teaberry and her silly dog, Zeke.

I instantly fell in love with this series, as did my children.

One rainy afternoon during our “quiet time”, the kids and I were bundled up on the couch reading through our stack of Mr. Putter books. Once I have a book memorized, I find myself being able to think aside while I am reading.

As I read about Mr. Putter and Tabby meeting for the first time, I felt myself tearing up at the thought of Mr. Putter being alone. He seemed happy enough and once he adopted Tabby, life seemed brighter.

But where was Mr. Putter’s significant other?

Mrs. Teaberry was his partner in crime now, but who was there before Mrs. Teaberry? Was there ever a Mrs. Putter?

A little deep for a children’s book and yes, I was majorly PMS’ing as tears poured down my face at the realization that:

One day, either myself or my husband will be alone.

The thought of one day not being with my partner in crime stopped me in my tracks.

Before Peter (the yin to my yang) left for work that day, I was tired, irritable and a little snippy with him. I instantly regretted taking my crabby mood out on him.

Peter is the love of my life and my friend. We are apart during the day and by the time we reunite in the early evening, we are both tired and ready to decompress.

It is hard to re-energize after a long day of assignments and deadlines and projects and meetings and children's demands, but for the sake of my significant other, I need to try.

I decided to write a note on a post-it and place it in my kitchen reminding me to make a concerted effort to reboost. I make some tea, put my work away and attempt to get the kids settled during that crazy witching hour between 4 and 5 PM.

It may seem silly, but that small reminder is enough to snap me out of a funk.

As you greet your significant other at the end of a long day, be it early morning or late at night, try to:

  • Put a smile on for when you see each other again. Remember, you love this person!
  • KISS! Immediately. Even before you say any words.
  • Say “hello” instead of, “Can you...” or "You forgot..."
  • Thank your beloved for coming home to you.

If one day, the memory of me is nothing but an empty pair of shoes and the stories I tell, by damn, I am going to make my life an adventure every day. And I vow to really do it up with a smile on my face, humor in my heart and an occasional tear on my cheek.

Hugs to you, my readers!


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