Parenting: An Eye-Opening Experience

Parenting: An Eye-Opening Experience

This past weekend my hubby and I had houseguests! Three curly-haired blondes and their amazing parents, to be exact.

All weekend our home was filled with squeals of laughter and our dog finally had the undivided attention she feels she deserves. Watching a 4 year old little girl say “DROP IT” and point to the ground was possibly the cutest thing ever. The fact that our 60lb puppy listened, dropped the ball and sat while waiting for the kids to throw the ball again made my heart sing.

Friday night we all caught up over pizza. I served the pizza on our typical dinnerware with stainless silverware, cloth napkins and we drank our beverages out of glass tumblers.

Saturday we went to the zoo and saw how heat affects blonde-haired little girls with no lunch in them by 11:30am, even after a 9:30am breakfast of fresh doughnuts.  At this I thought, “Hmm. Kids must not be as resilient as I thought they were…”

However, we got stuck in a rainstorm mid-afternoon (thankfully this was after the dolphin show…) and had to make a run for it in torrential downpours. We were all completely soaked, but this was a moment the girls proved they are, indeed, resilient.

They trucked through the zoo with us like little champs, even as lightning and thunder crashed overhead and all the animals took cover. We even took a wrong turn into the rhino house and stopped for a photo op. The girls didn’t smile, but they weren’t crying either so I took that as a sign of strength.

By Sunday morning we were all eating off paper plates with disposable silverware, cups and napkins. The youngest of the girls ended up sitting on a towel to protect the upholstered seats on the dining room chairs. I had no idea how fast our “normal” would change when children were around!

My husband and I plan on having children very soon – we both adore kids, but we hadn’t experienced having THREE children under 8 years old around for days at a time until this weekend.

It was absolutely a blessing, as we realized how much hard work goes into parenthood.

The parents of these three adorable girls are close friends of my husbands from college and they took every moment in stride. Every tear was accompanied with a hug and a kiss, every tantrum was reprimanded in a polite and appropriate way and every stumble was immediately followed with “You’re okay”, giving each child the strength to stand up and move on.

The weekend was filled with lots of giggles and snuggle time for my hubby and I too; these girls are champion snugglers. They would crawl right into our laps when we were watching the Olypmics, chattering on about which team they wanted to win.

Seeing our friends glow and excel in parenthood gave me more inspiration and insight than ever before to becoming a parent.  No matter what happened, their girls bounced back and were ready for a snuggle on the closest lap.

When everyone left for the weekend, I started laundry, cleaned up a little bit and fell onto the couch. My husband turned to me and said, “Do you think parents just get used to being tired all the time?”.

We’re not stupid, we understand that kids are a lot of work, and we see posts everywhere about how exhausting it is to have a baby, but this weekend opened our eyes to what parenthood is really like. We’ve always wanted kids. Now we’re excited to be parents.

This is what we learned: Parenthood is messy, fun, rewarding, frustrating, inspiring and most of all: tiring. When you have kids, you must just get used to being tired all the time.

With these new lessons learned, we are enjoying our great nights of sleep and are hitting snooze a few extra times while we still can.

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