California Burst My Bubble (In a Good Way)

California Burst My Bubble (In a Good Way)

Two weeks ago, my husband and I took our son on our very first family vacation. We ventured out to San Francisco, California to visit my family.

The weeks leading up to our trip, I worried about taking my 10 month old on a four-hour plane ride. I was very nervous about having to nurse with a stranger sitting an inch away from me. I was also worried about taking Mr. C out of his element.

After about nine hours of traveling, we made it to my cousin’s comfy house and we were all able to get a good night’s sleep.

I awoke in a city where I’ve been many times before but I had now seen it in a different way. All the different types of people walking the streets mesmerized me. The art, the fashion, the architecture, the views, the food, the shopping, they all kept me in awe.

We stopped at a tiny local food market to pick up baby food and diapers for the week. This store had a small selection of everything. All they sold was organic baby food and they had the organic baby rice puffs that I’ve been looking for! I was wowed by cashier bundling all my tasty goodies in a recycled brown shopping bag.

We took my cousin out for dinner as a thank you for hosting us. The list of restaurants right around the corner were amazing. We decided on the local Vietnamese restaurant. The service and food were outstanding. They were gracious to our children. All of this was in walking distance!

I had to stop myself and think of why this was so amazing to me… I’ve been living in my little bubble for too long.

For the last ten months, I’ve gotten in a routine and have been staying close to home. Our vacation reopened my eyes to what the world actually contains! It is refreshing to know there is other fashion besides yoga pants; there are more places to shop than Wal-mart; that there are other restaurants besides Noodles & Co and Chipotle. There is a state that actually takes recycling seriously and doesn’t allow any plastic shopping bags. Organic food is readily available at your local market and I didn’t have to drive 20 minutes to Whole Foods to get it!

It was an incredible feeling to be out of my bubble and out of my element! It was nice to be reminded of life outside my little world. I came home inspired and feeling great! I now know it’s good for me to break my routine and get out more!

I am inspired to recycle even more and to use recycled/reusable shopping bags. I'm thinking about starting a compost bin in our back yard. I'm want to educate myself more on organic food versus non-organic. I want to try some more restaurants in our neighborhood!

What inspires you and gets you out of your bubble?

Mr. C did great on the trip but I think he was very happy to be back in Illinois. He slept 14 hours the night we got home.

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